"Ellingstring - a little jewel set within the mighty crown of the North Yorkshire Dales"

"Have a wander around our website to find the many treasures of this wonderful area"



Ellingstring is a small unspoilt hamlet in glorious Wensleydale which is part of the internationally renowned and treasured North Yorkshire Dales; Ellingstring itself is within the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and on the border of the Dales National Park.

This website takes you on a visit to Ellingstring, where we are so very blessed to live, and its immediate surroundings to the South, North, West and East. In and around Ellingstring are a wealth of treasures all set in stunning scenery and countryside; this includes  castles, a ruined abbey, waterfalls, lakes, follies, flowing rivers, quaint villages and so much more. Each individual page contains a number of links to excellent videos, picture galleries and other websites which explore further into this so very special area.

Unfortunately we are only able to lightly scratch the surface as it would be an impossible task to cover the multitude of wonders there are, not just in the close vicinity of Ellingstring but more so across the vast Yorkshire Dales. There surely can be no place in the UK which has so much to offer at every twist and turn; in some respects the Dales is also an almost unique place that time has generously forgot to include many of the negatives of this current age.

Before visiting Ellingstring and its surroundings, we will firstly provide a quick overview of the larger crown that this little jewel is set within - the North Yorkshire Dales; as with all pages, the videos are a must to view.